Tracy Charles offers means of travel by air, land and sea for professional as well as private clients.
With our range of private jets, helicopters, boats, luxury cars and chauffeurs, we offer many benefits and advantages for all your needs. Whether it is a transfer to a station, go downtown or get to your professional appointment on time, Tracy Charles has a solution for all kind of requests!


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient means of transport accompanied by an experienced driver, our fleet of various vehicles is perfect for your private as well as business travel. We carefully select our chauffeurs based on their discretion, courtesy and punctuality. Our sedans are equipped with tablets, WiFi access, a coffee machine and other advantages in order to allow our customers to optimise their efficiency, enjoy a moment of free time to relax and then continue on with their activities.

Luxury vehicle

For car enthusiasts or customers who wish to offer themselves a ride in an exceptional vehicle, Tracy Charles offers a wide range of luxury cars.
Between Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Porsche and many vintage cars, everyone can benefit from the legendary models of the greatest brands.


Enhance your travel experience with the ultimate luxury vehicle. For a business trip, an event or simply a special occasion for two we offer various models of limousines, like Hummer, Dodge, Lincoln, etc. They are especially designed to offer the highest level of services to each of our customers and to meet all their desires.

Private jet

Despite being considered an inaccessible luxury for a long time, booking a private flight today is almost as simple as ordering a taxi. Tracy Charles offers the option to opt for a private jet ideal for group business trips, exceptional vacations or easier transit to many destinations. Opting for private aviation is to forget the worries of boarding and get special attention when you travel!


The helicopter is an ideal alternative to aviation and chauffeured cars for medium distances. Take height and enjoy a magnificent view aboard a vehicle with incomparable flexibility allowing you to avoid the hassle of the road to better organize your schedule.


We have a choice of luxury boats ranging from simple sailboat to exceptional yacht. Organize an event at sea or simply enjoy your vacation by sailing in the most beautiful marinas aboard Tracy Charles boats!

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