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"Rely on us and we will help you make your daily life an ally, live more intense moments with your family and friends, create breaks of pure happiness in your life, highlight your creative strength, we will give you access to what's more exclusive; to just have time for Yourself."

Charles Nseke Moungui

Our virtues


Tracy Charles makes customer experience its central concern. We believe that nowadays, meeting a demand is no longer enough, that our customers deserve more than the simple satisfaction upon completing their requests. That is why we implement solutions aiming to provide an outstanding experience regardless of their queries. In our VTC offer, for example, we propose something more than just transport services: We provide a true moment of peace, between comfort, luxury and exceptional service.

and humanity

In order to guarantee the satisfaction and safety of our clients, we rely on a modern client management tool, which allows us to track their requests with highest accuracy. Despite using multiple channels of communication (like telephone, internet, e-mail, smartphone and other that will follow), our team favours and focuses on human relations when dealing with our clients and partners. That is why our door is always open to those who wish to meet us in person and start working together.

A dedicated

All our employees are trained in accordance with Tracy Charles’ Code of Ethics with the intention of knowing how to respond to any request and to better understand the experience of our customers. Thus, they benefit from a common basis that guarantees good understanding of all our projects: the queries brought up by our customers. Our employees’ skills are then put forward and further improved while working as a specialist within one of the departments in order to make the most of their experiences and their motivation. Our employees are both the guarantors and the reflection of our values of commitment, trust and proximity.

Tracy Charles came to life from the will of its founder, to answer today’s problem of dehumanisation of customer relations he had found in his professional life and while travelling around the world.

Voice servers, automated forms and chatbot make him wonder and ask himself this simple question "How can they understand my problem without talking to me and without knowing me?". If the machine can meet a simple need, it appears clear to him that only a human can listen to anticipate an ambiguous one and adapt their solutions to the speaker.

In 2015, he decided to take inspiration from the Anglo-Saxons to create a service that aims to satisfy his customers with all demands. And so, Tracy Charles Conciergerie was born.

Today Tracy Charles has become a group with a common thread, amongst its many entities, being the desire to continually improve the customer experience, a notion that our experts keep in mind regardless of the demand. We believe that satisfaction comes with unforgettable experience, and so we work first and foremost to make each of our solutions an extraordinary one.

Our goal is to answer all your needs but also to make your most extraordinary desires possible. In order to accomplish this task, we rely on a network of partners and qualified service providers in all domains.

Whether you are a business owner who is concerned about the well-being of the company’s customers and employees or simply someone looking for a solution to free up their time and stress, Tracy Charles will always have an offer tailored to answer to your needs!

Value : Customer Experience

Excellence in customer experience is what brings all our departments together, it is the basis and the purpose of all our effort. Our employees have the mission to make the whole journey of our customers with us exceptional, from the moment they make contact with us until the end.

Studies show that experience has become crucial for customers: 64% of French people said they were ready to abandon a brand if they provide a bad customer experience.

At Tracy Charles we think that the renewal of this experience is in the human. Luxury is not only a question of supply but also of offering. Our employees are thus specially trained to improve the customer experience and go beyond the scope of the process if the situation requires it. They first take into consideration the dialogue with our customers and our partners.

At the same time, we are developing digital solutions that, contrary to popular belief, will not replace but enhance human relations. By automating low-added-value tasks that are simple and repetitive, we can save our employees some time, so that they are able to fully concentrate on listening and customising the experience for our customers by dedicating as much to emotion as to satisfaction.

« Customer experience goes to the heart of everything you do — how you conduct your business, the way your people behave when they interact with customers and each other, the value you provide. »

Kerry Bodine, Harley Manning, Outside In, New Harvest, 2012

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